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Wire stranded Cu 0.5mm², black, PVC, 300/500V, Class:5

Code CLA0905JA
  • Weight 8.00g

E-shop price: 0,31 €

Minimum order: 1 Repeatability : 1

Item location:
Central warehouse in Kaunas Item is not available (0)
Shop in Vilnius Item is not available (0)
Shop in Kaunas Item is not available (0)

Item description

  • Type of wire: assembly
  • Kind of wire: LgY
  • Core structure: stranded
  • Kind of core: Cu
  • Number of cores: 1
  • Outer insulation material: PVC
  • Rated voltage: 300/500 V
  • Package contents: 100m
  • Cable external diameter: 1.6 mm
  • Flexibility class: 5