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BEVIELIO RYŠIO MODULIS NRF905 su antena, 433/868/915MHz GMSK moduliac.

Kodas ABRF01
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Prekės aprašymas

Tri-band transceiver operating frequency for the international ISM band 433/868/915MHz GMSK modulation, anti-interference ability, especially for industrial control applications using the DSS + PLL frequency synthesizer technology, excellent frequency stability, high sensitivity, to achieve - 100dBm low operating voltage (2.7V), low power consumption, standby only 1uA maximum transmit power of +10 dBm with multiple channels (up to more than 170) meet the requirements for low-power devices, in particular, to meet the needs of multi-channel work of special occasions, the work rate up to 76.8 Kbps
External components of at least (10), the basic need to debug. Low transmit power and high receive sensitivity of the design, the use of the license required to apply for open use at distances up to 1000 m ** and the specific use of the environment and component parameters.

Electrical Characteristics:

NRF905 work band: 433/868/915MHz
Channel number: 170
Function: transmitter / receiver
Frequency stabilization method: PLL
Modulation mode: the FSK / GMSK
Maximum output power: +10 dBm
Maximum operating rate: 76.8Kbit / s
Working voltage :2.7 - 3 .3 V
Application areas:

Vehicle monitoring, remote control, telemetry, small wireless network, wireless meter reading, access control systems, residential paging, industrial data acquisition systems, wireless tags, identification, non-contact RF smart cards, small wireless data terminals, security, fire systems, wireless remote control system, bio-signal acquisition, hydrological and meteorological monitoring, robot control, wireless 232 data communications, wireless 485/422 data communications, digital audio, digital image transmission.