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ANGLIES DIOKSIDO (CO2) MONITORIUS paros istorija, drėgnomatis, termometras

Kodas ATEA057
  • Gam. ženkl. TFA Dostmann GmbH
  • ID kodas 31.5009.02
  • Svoris bruto 195.00g

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Who breathes good air is healthier, happier and can do more. Headaches, dizziness and permanent fatigue are often due to a high concentration of CO2 in the air. TFA’s AIRCO2NTROL COACH CO2 monitor helps you monitor how stale and contaminated the air is in indoor spaces where many people are present such as in schools, offices and public buildings. Timely and energy-efficient ventilation ensures a healthy indoor climate.

The monitor shows on the display the current CO2 content of the room air, the temperature, humidity and the time. The display’s illumination colour can be used to quickly evaluate and interpret the current CO2 readings. Depending on the setting, the illumination directly signals the current air quality in the traffic light colours (green, orange, red). Alternatively, the red display illumination can be used as an optical signal in the event of an alarm when a certain limit has been exceeded. As a further variant, you can choose a solid colour from seven shades or switch off the illumination completely. The three smiley icons serve as a comfort-level zone indicator for the measured values of the last 24 hours. If the reading is at the level of the happy smiley, the air quality is ideal to good. In addition, the graph clearly shows the CO2 levels development of the last 24 hours. The power is supplied via a suitable USB power source (PC, laptop).


  • For the monitoring of CO2 concentration in buildings, where people are present, e.g. schools, offices, public buildings
  • CO2 level measurement with 24-hours-graph
  • Backlight colour shows CO2 level, alarm or preferred colour
  • Indication of time
  • Indoor temperature and humidity
  • Power supply via micro-USB cable (included)

Technical data:

  • Measuring range CO2: 0 ... 9999 ppm
  • Delivery contents CO2 meter, micro-USB cable, instruction manual
  • Measuring range humidity 1 ... 95 %
  • Measuring range temperature 0 ... 50 °C
  • Clock Quartz clock
  • Material Plastic
  • Power consumption Micro-USB
  • Assembling Free-standing
  • Dimensions (L) 105 x (B) 33 x (H) 56 mm