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GPS module with SD slot card With Antenna for Arduino UNO R3

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Описание товара

GPS Shield GPS record expansion board GPS module with SD slot card With Antenna for Arduino UNO R3
Arduino GPS shield GPS record expansion board GPS Module with SD card slot
The expansion board is specifically designed for the Ard uino UNO and other GPS record expansion boards. Provides two kinds of GPS antenna interface. IO port pin with a plurality of analog interface leads, you can directly connect electronic building blocks for rapid prototyping. With an SD card slot, GPS information is recorded.


  1. Use the active GPS antenna.
  2. You can set the TxD and RxD jumper pins to connect to your need Ardino (D0-D8 optional), compared with a direct connection D0, D1 more scalable.
  3. TF deck, SPI interface. Support Ard uino library.
  4. With a reset button, you can directly reset the Ard uino backplane.