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Bytereal iBeacon BLE 4.0 Near Field Orientation Module

Код ABRM19
  • Вес 20.00g

Цена Eshop: 13,50 €

Количество: 3+ 5+
Цена: 13,09 12,96
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Описание товара

iBeacon is small Bluetooth Low Energy devices that transmit a unique signal to native mobile apps. Native mobile apps can then pick up this signal when a user is nearby and then deliver some content or action on their smart phone. The Mall Maverick platform has more shopping center apps on the app stores than any other platform on the market.


iBeacon Equipped with low power consumption of bluetooth (BLE) communication
equipment using a BLE to send around their own ID, receives the ID of the application software will be according to the ID to take some action
Base on TI BLE SoC CC2541
Power supply use CR2477(950mAh) ,replacable, can use 1 and half year to 2 years
Cover range: 50m
Supply ability : 300K / month
TX Power : -23dBm / -6dBm / 0dBm