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ULINK2 ARM Emulator for MDK5.0/Cortex-M4

Код AP19
  • Вес 145.00g

Цена Eshop: 22,70 €

Количество: 3+ 5+
Цена: 21,79 21,56
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Описание товара

  • The first installation CD in the MDK software, first use ulink2 driver will automatically install ULINK2 drive here: C: \\\\ Keil \\\\ ARM \\\\ ULINK (keil default installation directory);
  • Ulink2 connected to the computer instantly: COM, RUN led will blink simultaneously bright look;
  • Set the aspect can be seen not understand ULINK2 Manual: C: \\\\ Keil \\\\ ARM \\\\ Hlp \\\\ ULNK2.chm (keil default installation directory);
  • Win7 client files that harmony should use the "Run as administrator" / operating system should minimize privileges, restart the computer before running MDK registration services

SWD, and SWV wiring instructions:

Wiring SW mode: SWCLK, SWD, GND, a total of three lines, are indispensable; SWV mode requires increased SWO
(If the download appears: Contents missmatch at: 0800005DH (Flash = FFH Required = 18H)!
This error please reset pin is also connected! )

We guarantee:

A) function is fully compatible with the latest version of the MDK software seamlessly use;
2) support for automatic firmware firmware upgrade;
3) After a long Verify use, performance and stability without any exception;
4) Quality is guaranteed, best price,
5) JTAG TCK and SW interface clock speeds up to 10MHz (speed and after JLINK V8\\\\'s 12MHz);

- Support MDK3.8a, 4.0x, 4.1x, 4.20,4.21,4.22,4.23,4.50,4.53, 4.54,4.60 next upgrade!, And later keil software! Please use MDK3.8a above! - If the simulation ARM Cortex-M4 is best to use the latest MDK4.23 (keil for arm) software or later

Detailed performance description:

ULINK2 is supporting ARM\\\\'s RealView MDK latest emulator used is ULink upgraded version of the emulator. ULINK2 emulator not only has all the features ULINK, also increased the Serial Debug (SWD) support, return clock support, and real-time agent functions. Development Engineer By combining? Gown? RealView MDK debugger and ULINK2, can be easily performed on the target hardware chip debugging (using on-chip JTAG, SWD, and OCDS), Flash programming.
ULINK2 New Features
ULINK2 standard Windows USB driver support Plug and Play
Supports ARM Cortex-M0, 3,4 serial debugging
Supports read and write memory during program execution, terminal emulation, and serial debug output
Supports 10-pin cable (also supports 20-pin connector)

ULINK2 main functions:

USB interface high-speed downloading user code
Storage Area / register View
Rapid single-step run
A variety of program breakpoints