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Microwave radar 24.125GHz, CDM324

Код CJJ00571
  • Вес 5.00g

Цена Eshop: 8,50 €

Количество: 3+ 5+
Цена: 7,99 7,91
Минимум заказа: 1 Кратность: 1

Расположение товара:
Центральный склад в Каунасе Товар есть (3)
Магазин в Вильнюсе Товар есть (1)
Магазин в Каунасе Товар есть (1)

Описание товара

24.125GHZ microwave radar automatic face recognition door 24G Intelligent Mobile wake the sensor CDM324

Functional characteristics:

  • Non contact detection; moving target detection.
  • The module's transmitting frequency is 24GHZ, which can be widely applied in the fields of Commerce, industry, word control, etc.
  • Can provide different frequency range standards: -UK, -F. advanced low power PHEMT oscillator.
  • Independent transmit and receive path, maximum gain and single channel operation can be obtained.
  • High sensitivity, high flexibility, low cost, and 15M distance.
  • It is not affected by temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust and light, and is suitable for harsh environment.
  • Anti RF interference ability, stable performance, quick response and high sensitivity.
  • The output power is only 5mW, which is not harmful to human body.
  • The distance detection range is 15 meters.
  • Small size, easy installation.
  • Radar waves can penetrate non-metallic objects, such as wood, glass, plastic, fiber fabrics, etc., unless there are concrete walls and metal plates to intercept.
    The best detection effect is when 12. people or objects move to the sensor.