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VGA 640x480pix CMOS Camera Module OV7670

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Item description

OV7670 image sensor, providing single-chip VGA camera and image processor for all functions

Through the SCCB bus control, outputFull frame, sub-sampling, taking a variety of windows, etc. affect the data resolution

Products VGA images up to 30 frames / sec. Users can fully control the image quality, data formats and transmission. All image processing functions including gamma curve process, white balance, saturation, hue and so on through the SCCB interface programming. OmmiVision image sensor applications unique sensor technology, by reducing or eliminating optical or electronic defects such as fixed pattern noise, prop tail, floating powder, etc., to improve image quality, get a clear and stable color image.


High sensitivity suitable for illumination applications
Low voltage suitable for embedded applications
Standard SCCB interface compatible with I2C interface
RawRGB, RGB (GRB4: 2:2, RGB565/555/444), YUV (4:2:2) and YCbCr (4:2:2) output format
Supports VGA, CIF, and from a variety of sizes CIF to 40x30
VarioPixel sub-sampling mode
Auto affect the control features include: automatic exposure control, automatic gain control, automatic white balance, automatic elimination light stripes, automatic black level calibration image quality controls including color saturation, hue, gamma, sharpness ANTI_BLOOM
ISP has a compensation function to eliminate noise and dead pixels
Support for image scaling
compensation for loss of optical lens
50/60Hz automatic detection
Saturation automatically adjust (UV adjustment)
Automatically adjust edge enhancement
Noise Reduction automatically adjust


Photosensitive array: 640X480
IO Voltage: 2.5V to 3.0V (internal LDO for nuclear power 1.8V)
Power operation: 60mW/15fpsVGAYUV
Sleep: <20uA
Temperature Operating: -30 to 70 degree
Stable: 0 to 50 degree
Output Formats :(8) YUV/YCbCr4: 2:2 RGB565/555/444 GRB4: 2:2 Raw RGB Data
Optical size: 1/6 "
FOV: 25 degree
Maximum Zhen rate: 30fps VGA
Sensitivity: 1.3V / (Lux-sec)
SNR: 46 dB
Dynamic range: 52 dB
View Mode: Progressive
Electronic Exposure: 1 line to 510 line
Pixel Size: 3.6um x 3.6um
Dark current: 12 mV / s at 60 degree