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TFT LCD Touch Screen 3.2" Ultra HD 320X240 SSD1289 / ILI9341

Code PLSC033
  • Weight 60.00g

E-shop price: 22,00

Amount: 2+ 3+
Price: 20,90 20,24
Minimum order: 1 Repeatability : 1

Item location:
Central warehouse in Kaunas Item available (2)
Shop in Vilnius Item available (1)
Shop in Kaunas Item available (1)

Item description

  • LCD control IC SSD1289 or ILI9341, touch panel controller XPT2046; default SSD1289
  • Adopt industrial TFT LCD modules;
  • High-grade gold-plated double yellow-module pin, better electrical properties;
  • Compatible with all hot Atom development boards, straight into the straight;
  • Application is fully open source;
  • Bottom-driven technical support LCD, a transaction, is a friend forever;

Hardware resources:

  • 3.2 inch, 240*320 resolution, TFT touch screen;
  • Display driver IC SSD1289/ILI9341, touch screen driver for XPT2046; 16bit-display interface parallel interface, support for 6800 and 8080 bus interface supports STM32 FSMC bus interface, crowding the screen faster;
  • Touch screen interface for the SPI interface, so that the line less, driving is simple;
  • Onboard-a large current LDO voltage regulator, 5V and 3.3V power supply;
  • Onboard PWM backlight control circuit to support IO control and PWM dimming control;
  • Modules with SD cards, digital photo frames and other experiments can be done;
  • Reserved SPI FLASH pad, you can extend the welded fonts chips;
  • Supports landscape and portrait displays, support split the screen display;
  • Support for 262,000-color RGB display and displayed good quality;
  • Graphic display of the screen controller with internal 172800 byte data storage;
  • Punctuality Atom-interface compatible series of interface Development Board;
  • Patch-machine production, stable and reliable hardware;

Software resources:

  • C51 monolithic integrated circuit testing source code;
  • STM32 test source code;

Supporting other resources:

  • Module design principle;
  • LCD controller data manual;
  • XPT2046 data sheet;
  • Module schematic diagram;
  • Module dimensions;
  • LCD package;
  • MOD software-text;
  • Picture taking mode software;
  • C51 code wiring tutorial;
  • STM32 code wiring tutorial;

Optional model:

  • ILI9341 drive (recommended)
  • SSD1289 drive