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USB Logic Analyzer 24MHz 8CH, ARM FPGA Microcontroller Debug Tool

Code AP17
  • Weight 45.00g

E-shop price: 9,50 €

Amount: 3+ 5+
Price: 9,21 9,12
Minimum order: 1 Repeatability : 1


Item location:
Central warehouse in Kaunas Item is not available (0)
Shop in Vilnius Item available (1)
Shop in Kaunas Item is not available (0)

Item description

  1. 8 channels input;

  2. Logical light indication: a small light indicate CHO electrical level;

  3. Input feature: 5PF, 100K Ohm;

  4. USB power supply;

  5. Sampling rate can be set as below:

    24MHz, 16MHz, 12MHz, 8MHz, 4MHz, 2MHz, 1MHz, 500KHz, 250KHz, 200KHz, 100KHz, 50KHz, 25KHz;

  6. Data upload real time,the max of depth of collection is 10T, far from practical need;

  7. Support WIN7(32&64), 2K, XP, LINUX