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Adjustable Angle Driver Screwdriver, 105 Degree

Code IRAD011
  • Weight 90.00g

E-shop price: 3,80

Amount: 4+ 8+
Price: 3,50 3,46
Minimum order: 1 Repeatability : 1

Item location:
Central warehouse in Kaunas Item is not available (0)
Shop in Vilnius Item available (2)
Shop in Kaunas Item available (1)

Item description

Material: Carbon steel

Angle: 105°

Size: 30mm x 58mm ( Width * Length)

Suitable screwdriver: 1/4 inch Hex Shank Screwdriver


Easy, light, fast, connect to standard hex screwdriver

Durable,Lasting and easy to use, good for the key, it can be connected to the drill, rechargeable drill or manual key.

It's good for the Wrench,can be connected to drill,rechargeable drill or manual wrench.

Lightweight,fast,connect to the standard hex screwdrive