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Inox metal cutting disc ø125x22 mm, thickness 1.2 mm

Code IRGP1212
  • Weight 35.00g

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Item description

Durable Inox metal cutting disc 125x1.2x22.2mm with a maximum speed of 10200RPM. The metal disc fits most angle grinders on the market. It has been adapted to very fast rotation, which guarantees easy and quick cutting with it.

Designed for use with angle grinders.
The disc is used for cutting non-ferrous metals, stainless steel.
It has a standard external dimension of 125 mm for angle grinders and a mounting hole of 22.2 mm.

Technical data:
Outer diameter: 125mm
Mounting hole diameter: 22.2 mm
Dial thickness: 1.2mm
Application: for metal
Maximum rotational speed: 10200 rpm