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OPA1655DR General Purpose Amplifier 1 Circuit Rail-to-Rail SO8

Code MOPA1655DR
  • Manufacturer TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
  • Weight 2.00g

E-shop price: 2,95

Minimum order: 1 Repeatability : 1

Item location:
Central warehouse in Kaunas Item available (4)
Shop in Vilnius Item is not available (0)
Shop in Kaunas Item is not available (0)

Item description


The OPA1655 are op amps designed specifically for audio and industrial applications, where maintaining signal fidelity is crucial. The FET-input architecture achieves a low 2.9‑nV/√Hz voltage noise density and 6‑fA/√Hz current noise density, allowing for very-low noise performance in a wide variety of circuits. The high bandwidth and high open-loop-gain design of the OPA165x delivers a low distortion of 0.000035% (–129 dB) at 20 kHz, and improves audio signal fidelity across the full audio bandwidth. These devices also feature excellent output current drive capability, offering rail-to-rail output swing to within 250 mV of the power supplies with a 2‑kΩ load, and can deliver 100 mA of output current.