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LCD Display 84x48 Nokia 5110

Code PLSC5110N
  • Weight 15.00g

E-shop price: 5,50

Amount: 3+ 5+
Price: 5,17 5,12
Minimum order: 1 Repeatability : 1

Item location:
Central warehouse in Kaunas Item available (12)
Shop in Vilnius Item available (4)
Shop in Kaunas Item available (4)

Item description

The Nokia 5110 LCD module is a basic graphic LCD display that can be used in a wide range of applications. It uses the PCD8544 controller which is a low power CMOS LCD controller/driver that can be interfaced with the microcontroller using a serial interface.

Blue backlight
Low-voltage power supply
Operating Current: ≤200 µA
84 x 48 dot matrix LCD
Each corner has a 3 mm positioning hole along where header pins can be soldered

The connector uses the following pinout:
RST – Reset
CE – Chip Select
D/C – Data/Instruction Selection
DIN – Serial Data Line
CLK – Serial Clock Line
VCC – Power Input (3.3 V and 5 V available)
BL – Backlight Control
GND – Ground