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MOTOR 1-3.5V DC, class 130 - MT78, axle 2x8mm, housing 30mm, 16500rppm

Code SVU0303
  • Weight 18.00g

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Item description

Miniature DC motor, class 130. Ideal for various types of mechanical structures, RC models and robots. Class 130 engine and MT78 type, i.e. i.e. the most popular type of mini motor, allowing it to be used as a replacement, e.g. in gear sets.

Product features:
DC brush motor for small mechanical devices and robots
Standard Size 130 Type DC Motor
These motors operate in a slightly wider supply voltage range from 1V to 3.5V
This range makes them perfect for control using the Arduino's 5V supply voltage
The engine is suitable for gears
Due to the low current consumption, this motor can be powered from the same source as the control electronics.
A DC motor driver - ABRDV02 with L298N IC can also be used to control these motors

Technical data:
Supply voltage: 1V - 3.5V
Nominal supply voltage: 3V
Maximum current consumption when the shaft stops: 2.30A - 3V
Current consumption without load:
0.4V - 300mA
1V - 370mA
1.5 V - 400 mA
2V - 480mA
2.5 V - 550 mA
3V - 610mA
No-load speed: 16,500 RPM ± 900 RPM
Shaft diameter: 2.0 mm
Shaft length: 8.0 mm
Case size: 25mm x 20mm x 15mm