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2.4G wireless digital audio module

Код ABRF02
  • Вес 15.00g

Цена Eshop: 34,80

Количество: 3+ 5+
Цена: 33,06 32,71
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Описание товара

Using the latest 2.4G wireless transmission technology, 44.1K sampling rate, 24bitAD sampling to achieve lossless high-fidelity digital audio transmission, 16 optional working channels. The farthest distance is 100 meters in open ground. One receiving and one sending can form a wireless audio transceiver system, which is simple and convenient.

Function Description:

  • Input signal: analog tone
  • Output signal: analog audio
  • Working voltage: 5V
  • GFSK digital modulation/demodulation method
  • 20Hz~20KHz frequency response
  • 90dB audio dynamic range
  • 85dBm receiving sensitivity, 45dB adjacent channel rejection, 30dB image rejection
  • 20Hz~20KHz frequency response
  • 44.1K digital audio sampling rate, 24bit sample quantization level
  • Long transmission distance: Stereo audio data can be transmitted in an open area greater than 100 meters (static point-to-point)
  • Support multiple transmission modes of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint (both one sending and multiple simultaneous receiving)
  • Key pair code, can support multiple groups of non-interference parallel work at the same time.
  • Multiple alternative frequency bands, easy to avoid interference frequencies: The product works in the 2.4GHz ISM  (ie industrial, scientific, medical) frequency band, with 16 optional frequency points, which can meet the needs of multi-frequency and frequency hopping; to avoid The interference that is prone to occur in the 2.4GHz public frequency band affects the sound quality. This product provides a frequency selection function. If the product has strong noise during operation, that is, when there is interference at the current frequency point that affects the output sound quality, A new working frequency can be selected to maintain the good use effect of the product.