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Shop rules

Procedure for the delivery, payment, return and delivery of goods.

Delivery of goods. Goods are delivered throughout Lithuania, at the address indicated by the buyer at the time of booking order and during its dispatch (confirmation). The delivery methods are indicated on the website with the option of choosing, as well as choosing the item immediately in the shopping cart. Ordered goods can be withdrawn at UAB "Spikarė" branches - in this case you need to know the order number. The delivery price of the item is indicated in the basket of goods, when forming and confirming the order.

Payment for goods. Unless otherwise agreed by the legal entity or natural person (no contract), the goods can be paid for: - withdrawal at branches - cash in the company's cash desk or after payment to the company's current account with the bank (company's details are indicated on the advance account, as well as on the website www.rcl. by clicking on the "Contacts" menu item); - Delivery of the goods to the address indicated by the buyer or by post can be settled in cash directly to the courier or post office (the cash payment service is paid, its price is indicated in advance, upon ordering) or by advance transfer according to the pre-paid invoice issued by the buyer.

Returning the goods. Return of goods in accordance with the procedure, rules and conditions specified in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. When ordering goods on a website, they can be returned within 14 days after the sale of goods. The date of sale of the goods is indicated in the sales declaration for the goods. The cost of returning the item must be borne by the buyer. Upon receipt of the returned item and evaluation of its packaging, as well as the quality of the item, the Seller shall, within 14 days from the receipt of the written notice of withdrawal of the purchase and sale contract, return the money to the buyer for the item and its delivery costs. If only part of the purchased goods is returned, shipping costs are not refundable.

Order, according to which pre-ordered goods are not in stock and / or branches of UAB "Spikarė", hereinafter referred to as "Spec. Order ". Items in "Spec. orders "ordered only by ordering by e-mail or other written means. Ordered by "Spec. orders "goods can not be unilaterally returned to the seller - UAB Spikarė. The seller has the right not to accept returned goods. Refund conditions depend on the terms of return of the seller's supplier from which the goods were ordered. For goods under "Spec. orders "may be subject to other and additional terms of order, billing and returns, - the buyer has the opportunity to access them in advance before ordering and agrees with these terms. Items ordered by "Spec. Order ", are indicated on's website" Basketball "in the table" Ordered goods ".

The quality of the delivery delivered to the address indicated by the buyer must be checked by the Buyer in the presence of a courier. If it has been reported that the consignment is in breach, it is necessary to tell the courier who brought the goods, in the delivery document of the batch it must be noted that the packaging has violations and, together with the courier, fill in the Packaging Violation (Inspection) Act; also in this case it is necessary to check the goods inside the packages and, if they are violated, to capture the violations in the photos. Photos will be needed for the return procedure. If the packaging is intact, there is no need to inspect the goods in the presence of a courier. If the consignment of the buyer is accepted without the above-mentioned conditions, the delivery is considered to be in order. If the buyer receives not the same item that he has ordered, Spikarė UAB, after receiving the wrongly received goods, sends the correct product to the buyer or returns the money, paid for the goods and for delivery to the buyer. After receiving the goods, the buyer, before using or otherwise disposing of the received goods, must make sure that the received goods are the same as ordered; UAB "Spikarė" does not assume any liability and does, if the buyer suffers loss as a result of use of the received wrong, inappropriate goods.

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